These pictures were taken at The Cloisters Museum, the (other) medieval wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. I initially started out the trip with the intention of documenting the heraldry in the museum, but quickly got caught up in documenting the textiles as well. I attempted to get a thread-level view of the embroideries and textiles, however shooting in low light, without a flash, and behind glass, this proved to be quite a challenge. Some were successful, others serve, if nothing else, as a nice color photo of a medieval textile, which is something there isn't a lot of.

A note about color: Due to the low-light photography conditions colors are not well represented. Color correcting the photos digitally moves the color even further from the truth. In some cases, I have "corrected" photos where I thought the enhanced color contrast would benefit in the study of the textile. The full-sized color-adjusted photos are *always* marked and the original is provided as well. Color correction used to enhance thumbnails is not indicated.

Click on a small picture to get the larger image.

Normally I am not a tapestry geek, but the incorporation of shag carpeting into this piece captured my imagination.

Germany, circa 1500

Made in Strasbourg; Linen warp; wool, linen and metallic wefts

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Chausable, Italian, 1400        

Chausable, England, late 15th century

Opus Anglicanum; Silk and metallic threads on linen; appliqué on silk velvet foundation with silk embroidery and silver-gilt shot

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This might be the single object that I would be most interested in, and it was displayed at an angle that made it impossible to focus on behind glass. But the overall design is evident, as well as the edging.

Aumoniere, Swiss, 14th century


Altar Frontal, German, late 14th century

Silk on linen

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Italian, 14th century      

Spanish, late 15th century    

Iran, mid 13th century  

Cope, Spanish, 1430's    

Alb, English, 1270    

Italian, 13th century  

Embroidery with the Annunciation, southern Lowlands, late 15th century

Silk and metallic threads on linen

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Italian, 15th century  

Chausable, English, 1330-1350

Opus Anglicanum; Silver and silver-gilt thread and colored silks in underside couching, split stitch, laid-and-couched work, and raised work, with pearls on velvet

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While not a textile per se, I thought the imitation gemstones on the hem of this limestone Virgin Mary statue fit in with a medieval textile theme, as I know they were used on real garments too.

circa 1350


And last but not least, PLAID!!!

Statue of St. Anne, wood, German, 1480


Photos taken by Sabine Berard in December 2006. "Putting my nose to the glass so you don't have to."
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